New website!
We open new website.
It has been too busy to open it sooner but we wanted to offer you more explanation about our products. If you have any questions and requests, please contact our customer center.
Thank you!

Open a Chinese website for ecoproject!
Welcome to LMAT Korea EcoProject!
EcoProject is run by LMAT Japan (Headquarters) and LMAT Korea.
We offer you the agent service of importing and exporting for those who want to open new business focusing on eco-friendly products in Korea, Japan and China. Here is variety products information such as a spreadable Insulator (Gaina) which we have prepared for long time. We hope that you will find here what you want.
Thank you.

Foundation of Corporation!
We have prepared it for a long time and finally succeeded to found LMAT Korea based on previous effort. LMAT Korea is run by people who have been in China and Japan, so there would not be any inconvenience of providing service as you may be worry about language difference and cultural difference.
We will do our best to give you good quality service!
Thank you.

Happy New Year!
At last, 2010 arrived.
I appreciate all your help and concern for LMAT Korea business.
We have planned to provide you better service and when we are ready, we will let you know.
Please pay attention on our new project.

And we wish all you happy and healthy New Year!

Best regards,
All from LMAT Korea.

Successful exportation of Youngi mushroom 1 ton
We have safely exported 1 ton of Youngi mushroom to Japan.
We would like to extend this business in the future. Thank you for all people who give help.
Have a nice day!
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